Current Projects

Compass School

Compass School is a school for orphans and refugees aged 5 to 17, grades 1 through 8, located just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Compass relies on donations and income generating projects to function.

Compass School


Tumaini Afrika has provided funds to help rebuild a chicken coop, purchase chickens, expand the vegetable garden, provide meals and employ an administrator/social worker. The purchase of a generator and wiring enabling lights in the classrooms during the dark rainy season had been greatly appreciated. We have also supplied school supplies and textbooks, toothbrushes and paste, soccer uniforms, and clothing, including pillow case dresses. While visiting the school we have taught lessons and handed out Days For Girls feminine hygiene kits. A visiting missionary wrote us to say that the most important thing that we have contributed has been "hope"!

Tumaini Afrika member, Heather Douglas, and her British/Kenyan friend, Doctor Lucy Pamment, organized a medical clinic for the students at Compass School. Each child was assessed and given treatment or taken to a clinic if needed.

Buy A Block, Build A School: Our latest initiative involves building a new Compass School at a different site! If you would like to help with the build, contribute $50.00 and we will give you a fridge magnet.

Buy A Block
Compass School Build
Compass School Build
Compass School Build
Compass School Build

Goats, Goats and more Goats

Thanks to Tumaini Afrika member, Sheena Smith, and so many Tumaini Afrika supporters, we have been able to purchase over 450 goats for girls in Kenya over the past few years! At $50.00 each, 100% of the funds go towards the cost of the goats.

Goats as livestock help improve lives. Goats can be milked, they breed easily and take up little space. Selling or trading the goat milk helps financially. Eventually the goats may become a nutritious meal.

Purchasing a goat for a Kenyan girl is a great gift for the Canadian who has everything. They are a gift that keeps on giving, a gift of "hope!"

Educational Caucuses

CEducational caucuses involve workshops and clubs run in rural communities in Africa, created by Kenyan, Mary Thamari. Caucuses are a four-day leadership and life skills training program aimed at young girls aged 10-20 years, with the intention of addressing issues that perpetuate women's vulnerabilities including: low school enrolment, female genital mutilation, early marriage and teenage pregnancy and the exodus to urban slums. It encourages the girls to pursue their education and make a plan for a better future. Weekly girl’s clubs continue on after the workshops.Parents/guardians, teachers, boys and community members are also involved in the educational sessions. Tumaini Afrika, with the help of The Zonta Club of Sault Ste. Marie and Area, has managed to support over 3,000 students thus far in the program.

Days for Girls

The mission statement for the grassroots organization Days for Girls is to create a more dignified, free and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions. The absence of feminine hygiene supplies causes girls worldwide to miss up to 2 months of education and opportunity every year. In partnership with the SSM Sewing Bees and Zonta, members of Tumaini Afrika distributed over 600 sanitary kits with reusable feminine hygiene products. Members of TA have also been involved in the creation of these kits. The girls were thrilled to get underwear as well as reusable sanitary products so that they are able to attend school every day.

Namuncha Maasai Village

Namuncha is a Maasai Village in rural Kenya. Currently attempting to grow their schools so more children in the area may gain an advanced education, officials requested support in building a fence (complete with barbed wire) to surround the school thereby keeping the children safe from predatory African wildlife, as well as keeping local cattle who eat the produce grown in the gardens that are a part of the Agriculture programs, out. Funds for this fence and some needed textbooks were donated by J.J. and Donna Hilsinger. A water tank was also needed and was provided by a grant from the Retired Teachers of Ontario. Many girls benefitted from a much appreciated gift of a goat, with funds sent by donors in Sault Ste Marie. DFG kits have been handed out to appreciative girls!

Before & After Photos of Kitchen

Heshima Children's Center (Heshima = Dignity)

In Kenya, there are few services that deal with children with special needs. These children either stay at home locked away due to public shame or they go to school without extra help. Heshima offers a free service to special needs kids who live in a small slum in Nairobi. We have donated a children's wheelchair, school supplies and musical instruments.


To date, members of Tumaini Afrika have made over 25 presentations on our African trips and ventures, to service clubs, community groups and local schools. Please contact us at if you are interested in a presentation.


Students must pay to attend school in Kenya. They are required to have a school uniform as well as textbooks and school supplies. If the family has no money the child cannot attend school. Although Tumaini Afrika deals only with helping large groups of children, many of its members and some of their friends sponsor needy students. If you and/or some of your friends are interested in sponsoring a child to attend school, please contact us for further information.